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Welcome to the Family!

Welcome to my blog and welcome to my family! You probably found your way here from my IG page (a special thanks to the amazing Kate Austin). Like Kate, I identify as a lesbian but just like the various colors in the rainbow, we're all different yet come together to create something beautiful!

When I look back at 20 year old me crying on the curb of my parent's house in Clarkson, MI watching the locksmith change the locks of the doors at 3 am in the morning.... it seems like someone else's life. And I certainly couldn't envision the life I have now. That moment that night seemed to last forever.

What if I had known it was the last time I could go home? In that moment, was coming out worth losing my family? What would I have told myself?

I would’ve told myself that I am braver than I ever thought I could possibly be. That I would meet people who’d make me feel loved again. I would find a community that would become my new family. I would tell myself that teenagers someday would hear my story at their high school GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) and feel LESS ALONE. I would tell myself that the woman in this picture is you. She is happy and loved. She has a wonderful fiancée and they’ve made a small family of their own. I would tell myself, you won’t regret this moment. I would say, “All the best things live on the other side of fear. So live and love a life of authenticity.”

So here's to shaping the community so there's room here for everyone. Here's to living out loud and proud. Here's to using our voices to free those who have yet to discover theirs. Because our stories are worth sharing. 💕

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