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Countdown to Connelly

My Journey: It's a Gay Life 

Welcome to Countdown to Connelly, my journey in living my best gay life!  Because when we share our stories, we light the way for others to find and share theirs.

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Do I Need Therapy?

If you clicked on this, you're likely a fan of my IG or my blog. But you also might be thinking about/debating finding a therapist. Let...

Working Towards Empathy

Ellen Degeneres ends every episode of her show with the instruction Be Kind to One Another. Maybe the whole world should have watched all...

Coming Out: As a Black Woman

Watching George Floyd plead for his life with his last breaths broke my heart... and also changed me. It made me sad, it made me angry,...

The Question No One Asks...

How does it feel to know your mom won’t be at your wedding? It’s hard to put the answer into words, when no one ever asks you. Maybe they...

But I love Jesus AND Girls!!

Growing up a Jehovah's Witness was hard. You don't celebrate Christmas. You don't celebrate birthdays. And if you're a girl, you DON'T...

Welcome to the Family!

Welcome to my blog and welcome to my family! You probably found your way here from my IG page (a special thanks to the amazing Kate...

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Cleveland, OH, USA

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